26.06.21Saturday 7:00PM - 12:00AM
Witches Ball | Witchy Djypsies & SeawitchBall / Live Music

Darksome night & shining Moon, East then South, then West then North,Harken to the Witches Rune, Here I come to call thee forth...Wild Witchy Woman. Horned Hunter of the Night. Queen of the Underworld.Warlock the Seeker. The Crone at the Crossroads. The Lord & The Lady.

Under the June full moon, follow the Gypsy's, Witches & Wyld Ones into the night for the Magick of ..THE WITCHES BALL ☽⭒☾

Wyld Tribe proudly presents two of Perth's most bewitching bands the 'Witchy Djypsies' & in their public debut 'Seawitch' as they come together in a deep synergy of high vibes, magickal notions & spellbinding rhythms.Hosted by your very favourite Wyld Tribe Women, Tracy McFie & Larissa O'Neill, this is going to be an event woven with ritual, ceremony, wild dancing & magick.

THIS IS A NIGHT NOT TO BE MISSEDDRESS UP in your finest .. feathers, corsets, velvets & silks & let the magick begin !
Witchy Djypsies
Since their transition from van dwelling travellers to the stages of Fremantle, the Witchy Djypsies have built a reputation in Fremantle and the Southwest as a live dancefloor sensation. Their radical blend of gypsy jazz, ska, punk and world fusion has gained them bookings at Fairbridge Festival and the Karridale Circus Festival... and of course, SISTAHOOD RISING!


Seawitch is a new original rock band, born in the Southwest of Australia and featuring Fiona Horne (Def FX), Dave Hopkins (The Hellmenn), Brad Miller (M16's) and Matt Hamilton (The Secret Weapon).Rising from the depths of a sea of Aussie grunge, their music is intense, dark and spellbinding. Every song weaves real magick, with Fiona’s lyrics drawn from her Witches’ Book of Shadows.

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