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"The old Rechabites Hall (established by a mild-mannered order who shunned booze) has been reimagined as a truly exciting multi-venue destination. From the minimalist rooftop bar to the wonderfully fun Double Rainbow restaurant and a wild performance space, this is one hell of a good-time emporium.” Amanda Keenan STM HOT LIST 2020

Welcome to our multi-level palace of surprise and delight, resurrected from the ruins of a century old heritage hall in the heart of Perth's entertainment and cultural precincts. 

The Rechabite Hall was built by The Independent Order of Rechabites, an international temperance movement that once straddled the globe with their biblical mission to fight the evil influence of liquor. The hall was a place where people gathered in the spirit of community, conviviality and abstinence from strong drink. We continue to uphold the first two and categorically ignore the third. Huzzah! 

Instead, we celebrate the Creative Good Life! From Goodwill Club in the basement, through Double Rainbow Eating House and up to Hello Rooftop Bar, the complex offers four floors of eclectic entertainment and hospitality treats, wrapped around The Rechabite Hall, an iconic live performance space where anything can happen and probably will.

We can’t wait to welcome you to The Rechabite, where your happiness is our pleasure and abstinence from enjoyment is not the recommended path to redemption.


This Week at The Rechabite

04.12.20Friday from 12:30PM
FESTIVE FRIDAY LUNCH Double Rainbow — Food
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04.12.20Friday from 9:00PM
Sensory The Rechabite Hall
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05.12.20Saturday from 4:15PM
Side Walks: Northbridge Block The Rechabite Hall
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05.12.20Saturday from 7:00PM
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06.12.20Sunday from 3:00PM
Terraza Electronica 005 X The Rechabite Hello Rooftop Bar — Sunday session
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