08.09.21Wednesday 5:30PM - 8:30PM
OPEN HOUSE DESIGN MATTERS #06 (The Innovators Part 2)Architecture

The Innovators (The Prequel)

About this event

Open House Perth is proud to present our next Design Matters Talk. Organising events in the time of COVID is slippery, and moving with it as best we can. This talk may be numerically out of order, but its content is just right!

The topic is The Innovators_ Australian Designers leading the charge with home designs that reflect contemporary issues.

Get ready to be inspired by some of Australia's leading innovators, and learn how we can raise the bar on creating more interesting housing options locally. We look forward to seeing you then.


Nic Brunsdon

Matthew Delroy Carr

Phil Gresley

and Special Guest Speaker to be announced soon.


Hosted by David Weir

Ticket Price includes free drink on arrival.

Additional Websites:

West Australian Planning Commission_ Presenting Partner

Dulux_ Design Matters Partner

The Rechabite _Location Partner

Open House Perth _Organisation

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