16.04.21Friday 8:00PM - 10:00PM
NEW TALK "Time & Memory" Album LaunchAlbum Launch

NEW TALK release their long awaited 2nd album 'Time & Memory' is out soon and the band will be launching it Friday April 16 at the Rechabite!

The album is NEW TALK truly expanding and exploring these two key concepts through their signature overwhelming sound and experimenting with new textures and form. Working again with Dave Parkin (wizard) and Sarah Register (Protomartyr) the album displays both their missives on patriarchy, toxic masculinity, contemporary Australian issues and deeply personal reflections on love & death. Drawing from varied references and their own well of experiences, the album aims to draw people in through directness and unity.

NEW TALK will be joined by special guests Joni in the Moon, Tether, Ash Baroque and RITUALS DJs throughout the night.

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