23.02.21 - 27.02.21

A Perth Festival Commission

Indulge in an evening of dance with three bite-sized new works to sample across three locations in Perth Cultural Centre.

Dancers are your guide for the night, leading you through a highly visual and rambunctious experience in the heart of Northbridge. From the basement of The Rechabite to the State Theatre Centre garden and upstairs at The Blue Room Theatre, movement takes over spaces in your city in playful new ways.

In an exploration of the history of The Rechabite, Unearthly (created by Bernadette Lewis, Natalie Allen and Daisy Sanders) is a visceral celebration to reclaim and inhabit previously forbidden spaces.

In Lauren Catellani’s To Place, bodies, objects and space intertwine as performers play with movement and form in a study of sculpture at the State Theatre Centre of WA.

Finally, join Bobby at The Blue Room Theatre in a walk through time and shiny space, diving into the expanse of self and identity with Tahlia Russell’s The Walk.

Curated by choreographer and dancer, Tyrone Earl Lraé Robinson, MoveMoveMove is a promenade performance featuring a hand-picked selection of what’s new in contemporary dance and movement-making.


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