28.04.23Friday 7:00PM - 8:00PM
Mark Watson - SearchComedy

Mark Watson's 12-year-old son has just got a phone. His 70-year-old dad has been through the most frightening experience of his life. Both a dad and a kid himself, around the midpoint of his life, the Taskmaster star and multiple award-winner returns to Melbourne to consider the search for meaning that we're all on, with or without Google. There will be a lot of jokes.  

'A genius-level comic doing what he does best... it's magical to watch and just so funny. ★★★★★' Time Out 

‘An hour or two of our limited span on Earth in his uplifting, witty company is time excellently spent.★★★★ ½' Chortle 

'A master at letting us in on his vulnerability. ★★★★' The Times (UK)  

 'Offers servings of quick wit, empathy, and storytelling… comedic gold. ★★★★' Beat Magazine

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