15.12.23Friday 8:00PM - 2:00AM
MADONNA ALL NIGHT x Barbie Q & FriendsDrag / Dance / Party / DJ

Come and celebrate 40 years of the incomparable and incredible MADONNA with us on Friday 15th December, hosted by Perth's undeniable queen of drag, BARBIE Q!

Madonna isn't bringing The Celebration Tour to Australia, so we're hosting our own celebration! 

DJ HELLO SAILOR will be spinning all of Madonna's most iconic hits from 8pm to 2am, and Barbie Q has blessed us by putting together an incredible cast of variety performers and dancers that you can enjoy throughout the night, and she'll also be treating you to a selection of her best Madonna drag and dance numbers! 

The line up: 











🍸 Madonna themed cocktails 🍸

đŸĒŠ Happy Hour Specials 8PM - 9PM đŸĒŠ

🎁 Prize for best dressed person 🎁 $100 Bar Card + double pass to Reuben Kaye: World War Me

🎟ī¸ TICKETS from $15 + booking fee to $27 + booking fee at presale 🎟ī¸ $30 AT THE DOOR đŸŽŸī¸

Grab your tickets early to save money!

Madonna, the indomitable Queen of Pop, has enjoyed a career as illustrious and ever-evolving as the dazzling chameleon herself. Rising to prominence in the early 1980s, she quickly ascended to iconic status through a combination of undeniable talent for crafting pop music, provocative aesthetics, and a boundless penchant for reinvention.

Madonna has assumed the form of numerous alter egos, most notably the Material Girl, the Erotica dominatrix, and the mystical earth mother of the Ray of Light era. Each persona has served as a mirror to the ever-shifting currents of societal zeitgeist, cementing her as both a reflection and a provocateur of contemporary culture.

With a discography that reads like a veritable roadmap of pop music's evolution, Madonna has defied her critics again and again, providing the world with some of the most iconic and widely recognised songs of all time, such as 'Holiday', 'Like a Prayer', 'Vogue,' 'Music' and 'Hung Up' to name just a small few. 

Unconcerned with taboos, Madonna's ceaseless quest for innovation and her fearless exploration of societal boundaries have consistently positioned her at the vanguard of artistic expression. From the cheeky 'Like a Virgin' to the scandalous 'Erotica' and the unprecedented and shocking 'SEX' book that accompanied it, followed by 'Human Nature' in which she boldly and unapologetically stated her pride in her previous work, Madonna has always championed freedom of expression and sexual liberation. 

Madonna and queer liberation also go hand in hand. A staunch supporter of the LGBTQ+ community even when it was extremely controversial, Madonna has frequently used her fame and gravitas to challenge homophobia. She has never been afraid to speak up for those in the LGBTQ+ community, and often did so when challenged by bigoted interviewers at a time when prejudice was de rigeur. Through her song and music video 'Vogue' she catapulted Ballroom culture to stratospheric fame, platforming many members of the Ballroom community in her Blond Ambition world tour. She also donated the proceeds (over $300,000 USD) of her final 1990 tour date to AIDS research, in honour of the late Keith Haring, a close friend and unparalleled visual artist who sadly passed away due to AIDS releated complications that same year. 

In addition to her musical endeavors, Madonna has left an indelible mark on the worlds of film and fashion, establishing herself as a multi-faceted artist. Throughout her illustrious career, Madonna's artistic journey has not been without its controversies and detractors. Yet, with unparalleled resilience and an unshakable devotion to self-expression, she has consistently demonstrated the quintessential spirit of reinvention, ensuring that her status as the preeminent Queen of Pop remains unrivaled and ever endearing to her legion of fervent fans worldwide.

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