01.05.21Saturday 8:00PM - 11:00PM
Kylie 'Disco' - Live Tribute Dance PartyTribute Band / Dance / 80s / 90s

Two Huge Sets! Amazing Costumes! All Her Dancers! That Fantastic Voice....
You must check out the uncanny Absolute Kylie show!
All her hits, some classic, some new!

This one - Kylie and Disco/Retro fans just can't afford to miss, with tunes by Burning Man and Blazing Sun guest DJ, Starma Llama, and Perth scene Queen, DJ Tasty alongside Spankster, DJ Yanique.

Dance to all your favourites, pick 1 of 3 floors of the almighty Rechabite Hall and dance the night away to 80s and 90s hits!
Tonight is nothing but good vibes and celebration of all things camp, dance, disco, 80s and 90s!

Get your early birds before March 31st 2021

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