06.05.22Friday 8:30PM - 9:30PM

On March 13 2020, Harley Breen announced to the country on national TV that the Australian arts scene was cancelled.... because of a bat.....and that was the easiest part of his past two years. 

He also had another child, moved house three times, filmed a brand new TV show, packed 3 kids into a mid-size SUV for a multi-state road trip, been the face of a beer cologne (of course) and bought a dog.  

It's been relentless.   

The phrase "good decision" gets thrown around a lot, but not in this show.  

Host of TV's Making It and Taboo, Breen is back on stage with his powerhouse brand of comedy, so you can laugh at the kind of stupidity, unique to the Breen-iverse. Everything is content!  

Relentless is relentless entertainment, you can breathe when you leave. 

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