06.05.21Thursday 7:00PM - 10:00PM
Barefaced Stories | 6 May | Worth ItStory-telling

Come on.
Is it worth it?
Let me work it.
I put my thang down, flip it and reverse it.
Is a celebrity experience worth it?
Was university worth it?
What about that relationship... worth it?
How can you tell if an experience is worth it?

We can't answer that, but we can bring you some story-worthy tales this month. Everybody has a story and we'll bring you some of the best.

Hosted by the co-founders of Barefaced Stories, Andrea Gibbs & Kerry O'Sullivan (Melb), this is sure to be a fun one!
Line-up TBA
Doors open 7pm
Stories starts 8pm
*Intoxicating stories told and intoxicating beverages sold on the premises.

29th March, 9am until 5th April 9am - $20 Pre-sale for VIB (Very Important Bears)
5th April, 9am - $25 General PublicDoors sales only if not sold out.

Barefaced Stories is a monthly live show featuring storytellers from all walks of life. Each taking to the stage in turn with nothing but a true-life tale.Some humorous, some sad & some downright perverse. Always refreshingly honest, bold and brutally frank. Always the last Thursday of the month.

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