25.11.21Thursday 7:00PM - 9:00PM
Barefaced Stories: MIGHT JUST WORKStory-telling

You know when they say "it's so crazy that it might just work"?
Having a very feasible or plausible chance of succeeding, despite being exceptionally unconventional or outlandish?
Well, these are those stories. This month our storytellers risk it for a biscuit.

Line-up: TBA
Doors open 7pm
Stories starts 8pm
*Intoxicating stories told and intoxicating beverages sold on the premises.

$20 Pre-sale for VIB (Very Important Bears): 29 Oct, 9am until 5 Nov 9am.See website to become a VIB www.barefaced.com.au/shop

$25 General Public: 5 Nov 9am.
Doors sales only if not sold out.

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