14.06.21Monday 6:00PM - 12:00AM
Insomnia Industry Ball 2021Ball

Spire Entertainment Presents….Insomnia Hospitality Industry Ball 2021

Insomnia Industry Ball is back for the 2021 edition of every bodies favourite annual industry event. Thanks to easing of restrictions, Insomnia returns to its annual June date this year with this year’s venue being The Rechabite!

The battle between too specific and too broad is a constantly being waged when deciding on the yearly theme for this event. This year we have decided to go bold and simple. This year’s theme is that of a White Party……with a twist. Once inside the venue, Insomnia will provide textas for you to write, draw and sign your co-workers white shirts and tops just like you did on your last day of school to create a memorable souvenir of your time at Insomnia.

What is Insomnia?
Insomnia is a hospitality event which is about bringing the hospitality industry together for one night of celebration and promotes solidarity among the hospitably industry. This event is focused around camaraderie not just within venues but also between venues. At Insomnia, everyone is equal and our main goal is to ensure that Insomnia is the best night of the year for you. As an industry event we believe in fair ticket prices, fantastic local entertainment and providing an experience nobody else can provide. In line with providing an equal experience for all, Insomnia will never be a solely hospitality event and if you are not part of the hospitality industry you are more than welcome to join us.

Monday June 14th 2021
6pm - Midnight (ETP Pending)

The Rechabite
224 William Street, Northbridge

Anyone is welcome to attend this event. While this event is for the hospitality industry as it is on a Monday night, this event is not exclusive, anyone and everyone is welcome to attend.Dress Code & Rules

White attire
A condition of entry to Insomnia 2021 is that ALL patrons wear at the bare minimum a white shirt which is 95% white. An example of what is and what is not acceptable will be posted in the discussion area of this event page. Additional white costume items such has headwear, wings, coats, jackets, hats etc are encouraged and allowed. Ticket holders who arrive in coloured clothing will NOT be allowed to enter. We make this rule because the theme this year is super easy and it only works if everyone is in white. White clothing can be procured from outlets such as Kmart, Target & Big W for less than $5 if you do not already own white attire.

For those that wish to put a extravagant white costume together, there will be a shorter best dressed award along with a door prize.

Discounted Tickets
Discounted tickets are only available to Hospitality Industry members, Please email insomniaindustryball@gmail.ocm to arrange discounted tickets or group tickets. Group tickets are limited so get in touch ASAP to avoid disappointment.

Food & Beverage
Rechabite will be operating their kitchen at this event and food will be available within the venue throughout the night. Drink specials will be announced shortly

Rooftop Terrace Bar ***HOUSE, TECH, DISCO***

Main Hall ***Top 40, Mashup, Dance, Electronic***

Glitter Artists
Door Prize - TBA

COVID Event Plan
Currently Insomnia is set to take place at full capacity however, if restrictions are still in place when Insomnia is set to take place, the event will still take place but under capacity restrictions. Hand sanitiser will be provided at the entrance of the venue and through out the venue. We advise that patrons that are feeling unwell or sick refrain from attending, to protect other patrons at the event.

Sharp and dangerous props associated with any costumes will not be permitted into the venue. We love creative costumes but they must be safe for you and others. Over intoxicated patrons will not be permitted into or be allowed to remain inside the venue, standard responsible service of alcohol applies at all time.

Insomnia supports over +50 hospitality & event jobs, including DJs, Roaming Entertainers, Production Crew, Graphic Designers, Bartenders, Event Promoters, Cleaners, Photographers, Videographers, Cooks, Glassies, Admin, Accountants and Kitchen hands

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