30.07.21Friday 8:00PM - 12:00AM
The FunktionRnB

Haaaay Aunty! (& Uncle)

BACK LIKE WE NEVER LEFT...This one is for the real R&B heads, for the two steppers and the lovers.

We know it's been a minute since you've been out...so...we're getting rowdy at The Funktion.

Me and You, yo' Momma and yo' Cousin too, 'bout to dance our way through Friday to all those songs that make you sing 'til your chest hurts and you're out of breath! We want you singing so loud, you drown out the band...we promise you'll know the tunes!

Cee Caton, Sam Nafie & Aaron Malone will be backed by a 4 piece live band and hitting you with the likes of Brandy, Blackstreet, Tevin Campbell & so much more- plus we'll be getting some special guests up along the way.

DJs Aslan & Ramoe will be keeping the vibe going before & in between and we’ll be after partying with Profits once the band has made you sing along 'til your voice is gone.

Cee Caton & Sam Nafie with Aaron Malone + special guests - vocals
Joe Southwell - Bass
Ben Falle - Drums
Harry Winton - Guitar
Harry Mitchell - Keys

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