11.08.22Thursday 8:00PM - 10:00PM
REVEAL: Penthouse Edition

Reveal is an erotic art exhibition showcasing Treasure The Erotic’s 15-year journey creating the world’s most lavish erotic art. Having featured in various world media including Forbes, GQ, Men’s Health and the New York Post, this unique erotic journey continues as Treasure The Erotic now graces the cover of Australia’s famous Penthouse Magazine.

Tickets to this exclusive event are strictly limited to 150 guests who will each receive an artist’s signed copy of the Penthouse Winter Edition Magazine. Witness a live behind the scenes, Penthouse cover shoot as award winning photographic artist Aaron McPolin recreates his epic Penthouse cover with the gorgeous Perth model Alex Gerrard and one lucky octopus. The basement bar of the Rechabite will be transformed into a grotto of memorabilia showcasing Treasure The Erotic’s journey from the first rudimentary product samples, to concepts, drawings, photos, media reviews, and displays of luxury pieces that tell this unique story.

An artist's candid Q&A session will reveal how 3 local artists’ and their unique erotic art has taken them from Broome to Beverley Hills & beyond. The finale of the night will be a live photoshoot of erotic kissing that will feature in Treasure The Erotic’s next edition of art as well as Penthouse magazine. Guests and their partners will be invited to participate in the kissing shoot with the chance to be included in this new erotic art series.

(Please note guests choosing to participate in the photoshoot will need to sign an artist's release form)
Plus Penthouse Models, Full Bar Service, Door Prizes and More!

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