15.12.23Friday 8:00PM - 2:00AM
MIDNIGHT ELEVATOR PRES. DAWS (HOT HAUS RECS)Dance Music / Dance Party / Electronic

Midnight Elevator is back for our last party of 2023, back in the Goodwill Club basement for one more dance in the dark. 

We’re so glad to be joined by Boorloo native and friend of the label DAWS.

/// DAWS ///
/// Andrea Bakulic ///
/// Verity ///
/// Rampaige ///
/// Henny b2b Cooper Cooper ///

DAWS is a passionate DJ and producer celebrated by Australia’s LGBTQI+ community and known in the wider electronic scene as a versatile artist capable of effortlessly bridging gaps between different sounds and artistic expectations. DAWS has demonstrated her ability to align with the energy In the space, rather than a specific sound. DAWS talent as a DJ is founded in the harmonious relationship she creates with the crowds she plays for.Her label ADHD Unlimited showcases the overlap between her worlds - bringing pop songs into the club by producing and curating artists to release DJ-ready edits of music that is always aimed at uniting the dance floor across genres and sounds. Quickly becoming an essential resource for DJs as a way to keep dance floors enjoyable and fun, DAWS has also used the label as a way to create a connection with audiences across the globe.

In 2023, her debut EP ‘Ultra Feeling’ released on Hot Haus Recs solidifying herself as a producer, and further extending her craft of fusing sonic themes that work for the club as well as emotive, and reflective listening at home.

>>> Transitional states of mind <<<

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