22.10.21Friday 9:00PM - 2:00AM
In the Basement XXVElectronic

Good Company Records invite you back "In the Basement" for another unmissable, unannounced XXX-tended session!

About this event

One DJ, all night long...

Sometimes the simplest recipes make for the most delicious meals!

-But who could it be?!

Only time will tell...

Please won't you join us, on the occasion of our quarter century,

for another five-hour mystery marathon in the depths of the Rechabite Hall:

Friday 22 October, 2021

Selections by ?????, sound by Voyager, vibes by you!

Commemorative tees available for purchase with tickets & available to collect at the show

* Designed by Frana Hollands

* Photography by Nicholas Eckhardt

* Front & back print on unisex AS Colour 'Classic' tees


Poster designed by Frana Hollands with photos by Nicholas Eckhardt

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