05.06.21Saturday 8:00PM - 2:00AM
GRIT GOODWILL RESIDENCY Vol. 3DJ / Experimental Electronic / Dance Music


Our 3rd and final Goodwill Club residency show is going end on a high note! Its been an absolute pleasure putting these lineups together for you all, so for this one we have selected some of Perth's finest Auditory explorers and a very very special guest from over yonder!

2000-2100 -> DIFFUSED SIGNAL (Aedi records)You may remeber his Live hypnotic headliner set from back in December. Diffused Signal packed a swag and travelled back across our barron land and now calls the oasis of Boorloo/Perth his home once again. So of course we are super eager and excited to have him back on to open up the night. You gotta get in early to party like we party 
Listen to Diffused Signal here! https://soundcloud.com/diffusedsignal

2100-2230 -> SELIK (GRIT,Interdimensional Exploration) {extended birthday set}Grit Daddy number 2 is celebrating another revolution around our sunny sun. So, to celebrate, we are diving into an extended set full of layered textures and chaos. Selik single handedly created a platform for hypnotic/experimental DJs with his INTERDIMENSIONAL EXPLORATION podcast back in 2018 and it has since seen a truck load of local/interstate/international DJs getting in touch with their subconscious states of mind.
Listen to Selik's Interdimensional Exploration podcast here! https://soundcloud.com/.../sets/interdimension-exploration

2230-2330 -> SOPHIA LEWIS {birthday set}
Sophia is an ambient producer/dj who you may have heard hosting Ambient Zone from time to time. Sophia is a GRIT regular and she always delivers a driving techno set with atmospheric undertones.
Listen to a mix Sophia did for our Boundless Plains ambient project here! https://soundcloud.com/gritboundlesspl.../bpp007sophia-lewis

2330-0100 -> 88756 [BRISBANE] (AVOIDANT, ŌTOMO, CONNECTION VERIFIED)88756 is a producer and DJ from Brisbane, Australia. Their sonic armoury is a blend of light-speed and highly hypnotic techno and electro tracks. They are half the creative team behind Double Hands, an event organiser and interview series showcasing Australian techno talent. They’re touring Australia over May and June and we are lucky enough to have secured them to end the tour with a bang here in Perth. 88756 have a diverse range of experimental, techno and electro releases across the Ōtomo Trax (Netherlands), INSANE-INDUSTRY (Italy), RÉVzrt (Hungary), Rave Session (Russia), P.A.S Label (Argentina), Connection Verified (Australia) and AVOIDANT (Scotland) labels.Expect a 3 deck set, this one is unmissable!
Listen to 88756 here! https://soundcloud.com/88756/sets/driver-ep

0100-0200 -> YOSHIHIRO {birthday set}
Yoshihiro is originally from Fukuoka, Japan. He has lived in Australia for over 10 years. In that time he has made a name for himself on the Bush Doof scene. Last year Yoshi was supposed to move back to Japan, and then COVID happened, so he decided to stay. Now a Perth resident, Yoshi produces ambient hypnotic techno, he is also a master on the decks.
Listen to some original material by Yoshi here! https://soundcloud.com/yoshihirotechno

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