26.05.22Thursday 6:30PM - 12:00AM
Fight Klub Challenge: Game Changer

Are you Ready to FIGHT?

Fight Klub Challenge is Boorloo's (Perth) newest fight night! This underground Klub brings together your favourite performers, from all genres, to battle it out to become Champion! With twists and turns of all kinds, your Host Karl Kayoss will pit them against each other in challenges and games throughout the night. Your favourites will look to you for help, as not all of them will make it to the end, but that is up to you! Who will you bet on? 

Not only will they become Fight Klub Challenge Champion, they will be able to make a donation to a Charity or Fund of their choosing!

This will be the first of many battles, but will you be a part of history and be the first to see FIGHT KLUB CAHLLENGE!

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