05.05.24Sunday 6:00AM

Transfer yourself into another pair of shoes and witness the "Hurricane filled with Sunshine" that is Courtney Maldo. Let her regale you with stories of a transient life from one side of the world to the other and whats transpired inbetween.
A tale of transition and turmoil, trials and tribulations. She's tall, trans, terrific and other words that begin with T.

"Courtney Maldo really is a comedian of international standards" ★★★★★ OutInPerth

Courtney Maldo is an award winning English/Australian stand up comedian. From a theatre/trivia background Courtney perfected playing the sassy peasant and brought that expertise to the stage. Within her 3 years of stand up she's been a 2x raw state finalist and debuted her first solo hour Transcontinental at Perth Fringeworld to rave 5 star reviews. She also won the 2023 "A Star is Born" award at the Dousties (Australia's longest running comedy clubs annual awards)

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