20.02.21Saturday 6:00PM - 6:50PM
3 Broke Gays: LGBT+ Line-up Standup Comedy ShowStandup / Comedy

Queering and endearing, three LGBTQI+ Perth comics come out and come together to form a stand-up comedy line-up extravaganza that will knock your rainbow socks off.

"The Big Gay Theory", "How I Met Your Qween", "Gays of Our Lives" - call it what you want. It's here, it's queer, it's live stand-up comedy from Perth's best and brightest.

- Jackson is bisexual, bipolar, and has two working brain cells.
- Charlotte is bubbly, bright, and fueled by a constant undercurrent of rage.
- And Cody... well, he needs a boyfriend.

Come for an hour of laughs, fun, and special guests, and- are you still here? Seriously, we need to find Cody a boyfriend. He won't stop asking us. Guaranteed to make you tickled pink; these are the Three Broke Gays.

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