Displaced SoulsPhotography / Art Exhibition

4pm - Close. 

Jan 17th  - Feb 16th

Around 2 am, late one hot night in 1983, photographer AHC McDonald returned from a 12-hour job photographing an Italian wedding to the Rechabite building at 224 William Street Northbridge, then home to Mayfair Photographics Studio.  McDonald, who also lived in the basement of the building all that year, sat with a beer and a studio Nikon and photographed people going by.  It was a Northbridge already changing, but still charmingly old fashioned. Across the road was a plumbing supply. The Brass Monkey Hotel (The Great Western) was still largely a pub for working men. 

There were many businesses and restaurants established by Italian immigrants nearby, though many would soon be gone, replaced by the culture of new arrivals, particularly that of the Vietnamese refugees that Western Australia had recently welcomed. 

A selection of prints from that night will be displayed in the front Bar about 2 meters from where they were taken for Perth’s Fringe Festival 2020 

The full gallery of images from that night can be seen here. 


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