07.05.21Friday 7:00PM - 8:00PM
ALL I EVER AMElectronic Visual Theatre

kdmindustries return with their latest sonic and visual deconstruction - All I Ever Am.

Imagine if you could capture a snapshot of every bit of data being generated in a single moment in time. Every TikTok video, stock market move, Reddit post, pizza order, Tinder swipe, Covid case. Every ship sailing every sea. Every drop of rain in the world. Every bit of information being stored as a 0 and a 1...

The number of bytes in the digital universe is 40 times more than the number of stars in the observable universe. All I Ever Am, the latest work from kdmindustries, harnesses raw technological power and some manic creative coding to take a joyous trip through this raw information; ripping apart the internet in real time to plumb the depths of the 0s and 1s stored in those hundreds of football-ground-sized buildings all over the world (and that's just Amazon and Google).

Featuring stunning visuals and a powerfully immersive soundtrack, All I Ever Am is a sensory mash of real time web scrapes, generative video and modular sound exploring 40 trillion gigabytes of information, and the rise of data as the most valuable resource in the world.

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