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Wednesday 13.04.22

Film-buffs rejoice! Mount Lawley’s iconic, retired video store Planet Video will be resurrected this May with a special silver-screen collaboration with The Rechabite. 

Choose life and a heavy hit of nostalgia as Planet Video takes over The Rechabite Hall for a series of very special movie nights, kicking off with a mind-bending double bill of pure psychedelia on Sunday, May 1st. 

Hold onto your hats because the first stop is Bat Country! Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, directed by Monty Python writer Terry Gillam is a wild romp through the desert, starring Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro. A hallucinogenic fever dream of a film, this adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson’s novel is a brutal and hilarious dissection of the American way of life.

The chaotic energy continues with Danny Boyle's explosive adaption of Irvine Welsh's novel, Trainspotting. A gritty and poetic film full of harsh truths and stunning grace that navigates the misadventures of a drug-addled Ewan McGregor as he stumbles through bad ideas and failed sobriety attempts with his unreliable friends in Edinburgh and London. 

The two films boast undeniable cult status, full of dark humour and pithy social commentary - the perfect way to launch a season of iconic, sometimes esoteric films rarely seen on the big screen.

Having serviced the community of Mount Lawley for 25 years, the video shop located on the corner of Walcott and Beaufort Streets lives on in its fans memory as a counterculture delight — a motion-picture library full of blockbusters and off-beat films that truly had something for everyone on its shelves. 

Owner of Planet Video, Haydn Robinson has said that, on the back of the general nostalgia for simpler times and the fond memories expressed for Planet Video.

The Rechabite's season of film is a great way to remind Perth that for 25 years they had access to one of the best Video stores in Australia. It is also an attempt to show great films, great actors, artistic directors and great scripts, rather than green screens and rehashed themes of modern times. These films made Planet and we were very much a meeting place for people of like minds with disparate tastes - maybe we can bring that sense of community back for a short time.”

Launching on May 1, the movie selection isn’t the only thing nostalgic — tickets are just $17 which includes entry to both films plus a limited edition Planet Video tote bag, or $35 for a double-pass plus rainbow popcorn. 

A delicious selection of eats, drinks and movie snacks will be available for purchase on the night. Tickets are on sale now and available via Megatix.