08.02.22 - 13.02.22
Gillian English: Buy The CowStandup / Comedy

Getting married is always a huge production. Getting married in the middle of a global pandemic is just asking for trouble! This is a brand new hour of stand-up about getting engaged, planning a wedding, and getting married, all in the middle of lockdown. 

The hens night was a complete shit show, and the stripper left his socks on the whole time. The hairstylist had a near stroke the night before the wedding. The makeup artist was convicted of fraud, and could be sentenced at any moment! The limo was held together with duct tape & prayers. The sneaky priest slipped in way more prayers than agreed upon and the shapewear holding it all together was giving me such a wedgie it should have been sent to detention for bullying. 

Pandemic Weddings: dream come true, or a living nightmare?

Time: 8th - 12th Feb 2022 @ 6:20pm, 13th Feb 2022 @ 5:20pm
Show Duration: 50 mins
Age Suitability: M - Minors can only attend this show at this venue with a parent or legal guardian
Content Warnings: Occasional Coarse Language, Drug use, Sexual References - There may be mention of miscarriage and pregnancy loss
Accessibility: Please contact hello@therechabite.com.au for any accessibility enquiries


  • February 08

    6:20PM - 7:10PM

  • February 09

    6:20PM - 7:10PM

  • February 10

    6:20PM - 7:10PM

  • February 11

    6:20PM - 7:10PM

  • February 12

    6:20PM - 7:10PM

  • February 13

    5:20PM - 6:10PM

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