25.09.21Saturday 7:00PM - 8:00PM
Jacques Barrett: I Just Turned 40 So Obviously Here’s a Show About World War 2Standup / Comedy

Presented by: Perth Comedy Festival

Jacques' Netflix algorithm saw he was turning 40 and straight up flooded his viewing list with stuff about The Second World War. He’d love to do a show about something else but it’s all he's watched for 6 straight months. *Show won’t ALL be about WW2 **No refunds

His 11th year as a professional world-conquering headliner, Jacques is at the top of his game: Ageing like wine, eating too much cheese. Expect another meticulously written hour of rock-solid stand up, based loosely on Dub Dub Deuce but mainly focusing on punchlines.

Praise for JB from the people who count:

‘This man is a Championi!’ - Jimeoin

‘Jacques is one of those comedians I'll leave the green room to go and watch. Effortlessly hilarious, joyously dark and a God amongst cucks’ - Daniel Sloss

‘Audiences members exploded like bags of jelly. The comedians in the room quietly browsed TAFE courses on their phones’ - Arj Barker

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