10.05.24 - 11.05.24

A feminist cabaret comedy for your heart and soul with a pinch of guilt …the only way 

Italian’s know how. 

An exploration of growing up, Italian in Australia. That’s NOT Amore speaks to the 

complicated layers of life, generational trauma, ones worth and the expectations and the 

value of women… 

Along with the sentimental dramatic Italian heritage stories, a loud upbringing and the 

'characters' that come with a big Italian family. 

Explore the traditions, dialects and value systems that have been frozen in time by the 

immigrants that ventured here from across the seas. 

Mamma Mia... How big is your Italian?!??!  

With a soundtrack that will warm your heart and tickle your tastebuds. Carla will inspire, 

delight and above all wrap you up with AMORE! 


  • May 10

    9:45PM - 10:45PM

  • May 11

    9:45PM - 10:45PM

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