Statement on Cancellation of Corey White at The Rechabite
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Monday 15.02.21

It has come to the attention of The Rechabite management that some material in the Underground Comedy Showcase performed by Corey White doesn’t fit with The Rechabite’s cultural values and aspirations. As a result, he has been cut from Underground Comedy Showcase performances as well as the Fringe Encore Season effective immediately. The Rechabite strives to be a home for the creative good life for all people. Although we do not support censorship as a general principal, one of our foremost aims is to create a space where people of all races, genders and sexualities feel safe to enjoy the artists we have the privilege of hosting. Our stance on comedy is if you need to punch, punch up, not down. It makes for better humour.

“When I discovered there were aggressive, racist rape jokes happening in our basement I was mortified. That’s the absolute antithesis of what The Rechabite is about. If ejecting this comic from the venue and rejecting similar acts in future means we get accused of censorship and cancel culture then so be it. There are other venues that might be fine with supporting that content. The Rechabite isn’t one of them. We’ve moved fast to put some clear guidelines in place for people programming events at the venue moving forward so we’re all on the same page about what our expectations and aspirations are. We’d hope that Corey takes the ejection as a wake-up-call and see it as a chance to become a better comic if not a better person.” Marcus Canning